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TANLAP Meeting with the High Court of Tanzania - Northern Zone

On December 8, 2023, TANLAP held a meeting with the High Court of Tanzania - Northern Zone to discuss strategies for addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) as part of the commemoration of the 16th International Days of Activism against GBV. The aim of the dialogue was to improve approaches and interventions in effectively combating GBV. TANLAP emphasized the importance of legal frameworks and the role of the Judiciary in ensuring justice for GBV survivors in Tanzania. It was recognized that Judicial Officials need to have knowledge about GBV to make informed decisions, treat cases with sensitivity and fairness, and deliver effective justice in GBV-related cases. The High Court acknowledged the significance of collaborating with partners and stressed the need for judicial sensitivity and responsiveness to GBV cases, provision of support services, and promotion of awareness about the impact of GBV in the community. TANLAP will continue to work with the Judiciary to create a safer and more just environment for the citizens of Tanzania.