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TANLAP meeting with Violence Against Women and Children Committee

TANLAP facilitated the Annual meeting for the Violence Against Women and Children Committee. The meeting provided committee members with the opportunity to discuss the successes and challenges of the National Plan of Action on Violence Against Women and Children (NPA-VAWC) phase one. They also discussed the progress made in implementing all thematic areas, areas of improvement, and future plans for phase two of the NPA-VAWC.

During the meeting, the committee members proposed several key issues to be considered in phase two. These included the amendment of the Marriage Act, the enactment of an Anti-GBV law, adjusting the agreed-upon child support amount to reflect the current economic situation, providing loan guidance education to prevent women from falling into high-interest loans, and addressing custom and traditional dances that promote Gender-Based Violence, such as female genital mutilation.

Additionally, the committee proposed improving the quality and friendliness of services provided to GBV survivors and increasing the number of safe houses to prevent the loss of evidence for victims of GBV.

TANLAP has taken all of these recommendations into consideration and will present them to the relevant Ministry for inclusion in the new NPA-VAWC. The new plan is currently in its final stages of completion before its official launch.