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The role of Informal Justice Stakeholders in promoting access to justice to women and girls

On 26th April 2023, TANLAP in collaboration with the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs (MoCLA) organized a conference to discuss on the amendments of the Law of the Marriage Act of 1971, including the minimum age of the girl child to get married. During the conference the facilitator Dr. Clement Mashamba, lead the participants who were Religious Leaders, Traditional Leaders, Paralegals and influential leaders in the community to discuss on the role of Informal Justice Structures to promote the rights of women and girls in Tanzania. Hon. Dr. Damas Ndumbaro\- Minister of MoCLA was a guest of honor who also officiated the conference. In his speech, the Minister insisted to the religious and traditional leaders to use their power and influence to promote the rights of girls and women including a need for a legal recognition of eighteen years of age for marriage.
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